Resident Evil 3 Remake

Another game having to follow its predecessor, this time it’s Resident Evil 3, with this game being released shortly after Resident Evil’s last remake make which was RE2, applying the RE engine to these remakes are really bringing the games back to life from their originals from the 90’s on the original PlayStation, you can’t help feel the deep nostalgia these remakes are bringing at the moment.

Raccoon City has gone to hell and this time it’s the return of STARS member Jill Valentine to save Raccoon City, firstly let’s mention how immersive and vibrant Capcom have made this city become, it’s absolutely incredible and first impressions were not disappointed.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the first remake of the series Resident Evil 2 then fear not if you were a fan of Resident Evil 4 it’s basically a better and more evolved combat system. Over the shoulder aim, still has the intensity and tank like feel from what you remember in the originals, still those moments of one more shot or get away from danger.

The story in this edition of course has some new additions and why not? Running on the ‘RE’ engine has given them an opportunity to show off Raccoon City in all it’s glory and I’m all for it. Not at one point in this game did I feel like anything dragged or wasn’t right. I understand it’s a remake and something needs to be added or taken away (Final Fantasy 7 Remake) as an example. In this case RE3 have only made this remake stronger and neither original or this I would pick over the other, they both do exactly what they’re meant to do.

Meeting Nemesis is fun… If you remember the RE2 remake (If you played it) how ominous Mr X was? Don’t worry about that Nemesis is just 40 times more aggressive and I admire how they captured the traits in both antagonists and built them into their correct characteristics. They haven’t forgotten the puzzles, maybe there could be more but you can say that in any game, the amount flows well in this game and I was left satisfied. Enemy variety was great, keeping Hunters, annoying spiders, Hunter Gamma and of course the lickers. For those who aren’t aware of the story between RE2 and RE3 linking, well this remake still captures that moment and in all it’s glory it only adds to the experience.

My final point would be current reviews I have read on this game, people complaining it is too short? The original was probably the shortest out of the series, what were you expecting? Them to add a totally new addition story, taking it out of the context of a remake?

I’m slightly confused what reviewers were expecting from this game but hats off to Capcom they have smashed it out of the park with this remake and I honestly felt that anxiety mixed with nostalgia and wanting to check every section of the level design referring to the original to see how much detail they have put in this incredible looking game. If you’re a Resident Evil fan like myself then this is an absolute must and don’t let the length of this put you off as replay value to this game is lengthy, unlocking costumes, perks for following play through, new special weapons and this will be a grind completing set challenges in game to earn points. Go and check out Resident Evil 3 now if you haven’t already.


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