Black and white photos are a classic telling of history but sometimes we can often wonder what they would look like in colour.

‘I wonder what it was like back then?’ we often have thought to ourselves while looking at vintage photos or ‘Did people really dress like that?’ while turning the pages throughout the archives of history.

Rather than leaving it to the imagination, Me and Paffey decided we would digitally enhance and colour grade a selection of historical images of Newport.

There are many great black and white photographs of Newport which you can see for yourself on the Facebook group ‘Pictures and Memories of Newport’ which now has over 17 thousand members. We suggest fans of this series to join this group to see more great historical content!

Me and Paffey selected the 10 photographs we think best captures life in Newport throughout the last century and put together a timeline to tell the story once upon a time in Newport.

So Here it is!
Please enjoy our ‘Once Upon A Time In Newport’ series exclusively at Record One.

#1 Construction of the Newport Transporter Bridge

Built in 1906, the Transporter Bridge is probably Newport’s greatest monument by consensus.

#2 Life in 20TH Century Maindee

Wonder what that boy was thinking during the taking of this photograph.

#3 Painting the Town Bridge

Trading standards would have had a field day on health and safety in today’s world!

#4 Once Upon a Time In Newport

I often wonder what it would have been like to ride a Newport Tram?

#5 The Westgate Hotel

Check out the entrance to the High Street without the statues!

#6 The Queens Hotel

People sure dressed smart back in those days!

#7 Newport Beats the New Zealand All Backs 1963

Will probably go down as one of the finest moments of Newport’s sporting history. The New Zealand team were nearly invincible on this tour, their only defeat coming at Newport.

#8 Somerton Park

While on the topic of sport, lets return to Newport’s old football stadium Somerton Park. Up the County!

#9 A Day in the Life

Just a couple of young lads fetching some wood, but for what purpose we wonder?

#10 Construction of the Civic Centre

Here is the Civic Centre in all its glory. We have to say its not looking too bright these days and most certainly would look better with a water jet blasting.

So there we have it! We hope you enjoyed our ‘Once Upon a Time In Newport’ Series, which was your favourite part? Feel free to let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Record One on Facebook and YouTube for more great content!

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*The colours are reconstructed by a colorisation algorithm and may not be accurate. Consider this a technological simulation that gives its best guess on what the past looked like, by bridging between the past and the present.