Behind the Recordings

Engineer: Andrew Cole
Recorded on Location

Band: Afterdark

Based in Cardiff, South Wales After Dark play a variety of 60s classics, 70s rock, 80s pop, 90s alternative and current chart favourites.

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These sessions are more based around a triphop feel without the drums and were recorded live using our mobile multitrack recording facilities. You can learn more about this process and the equipment used below.

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Recording Process & Equipment 
The recordings took place in a small industrial unit in South Valleys. Setup in a live performance and recording environment for some fun while experimenting with live streaming and production.  

The audio capture device used during this sessions was a Behringer X32 Compact – Utilising the USB expansion card that acts as a 32in/32out USB sound-card, that allows us to capture the live audio into our recording software.

In total 8 input channels were used on the desk, which are fed into our software (Logic Pro X) to create multi-track recordings. This is where Kenny can work his magic by applying a series of EQ’s, Compression and other audio tools to each input channel. There is also a stereo feed of the main mix being output to an additional computer which can then be used for live broadcast mix. 

After the session Kenny was able to use the multi-track stems to produce the recordings we have uploaded. Below is a breakdown of the microphones used and their “Polar Patterns” (Direction in which microphones capture sound) Of course there aren’t any rules when it comes to choosing your microphones for recording, but it’s always wise to consider the environment, properties and characteristics of each microphone in order to capture the most appropriate sound.

Microphones used
x2 Shure SM58 (Dynamic – Cardioid)

x1 Beyerdynamic MCE 91 (Condenser – Cardioid)
Bass Guitar:
x1 Radial Passive DI

x1 Rode M3 (Condenser – Cardioid)
x1 SM57 Beta (Dynamic – Super-Cardioid)
x1 Behringer Ultra Di 1020 (Stereo)

As the project develops further the intention was to create a setup that enables Afterdark to carry out live streams on location using equipment provided by Record One. Kenny plans to introduce new elements into the live sessions such as a full drum kit, unfortunately the project has been put on hold due to the local lockdown and restrictions. With a bit of luck the New Year provides us all with that much needed news of live events and performance resuming. 

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