Ellie Thomas

Originally beginning a life of music through choirs and playing the flute for an orchestra, Ellie has since evolved into a shining prospect in the local music scene. Having a true passionate liking for Rock, Pop and Acoustic, Ellie has been  seen at local venues such as Tiny Rebel, Brass Bat, Nos Da and Blind Tiger performing various original material while also performing memorable covers for sing along. Ellie’s Style vocals blends high performance with emotional feels with sweeping acoustic melodies to send you into relaxation with every listen.

Dreamstate, Paramore, Evanescene,
Avril Lavigne, Modestep, Lewis Capaldi,
Dean Lewis, Faith Marie, Cory Wells,
P!nk, Stromae, Debussy and Allen Stone.

How have you been keeping busy during Lockdown?
So far throughout lockdown I have kept busy by focusing on finishing university, recording and releasing my latest single ‘So High’ and binging through Netflix.

What’s the biggest thing you miss from not being in Lockdown?
Without a doubt the biggest thing I miss from not being in Lockdown is seeing my dog, gigs and clubs would be a close second.

What is the first thing you’re going to do when Lockdown is over?
Probably the first thing I’ll do after lockdown is grab a drink with some mates.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from being in Lockdown?
The biggest thing I’ve learned from lockdown is that although it’s been refreshing to have a break from everything, it just makes it hit home how amazing our freedom is in today’s world, almost as a reminder to never take it for granted.

Paramore or Evanescene?
Such a tough question but I’m gonna have to go with Paramore.


Most Recent Project

EP Release: So High

Ellie’s latest project comes in the form of a Single release dubbed ‘So High’. We love it when artists drop singles, it says everything about the hard work that goes into the development of a release and Ellie’s hard work is no different. Written, Recorded, and produced by Ellie herself she is a true participant of the DIY movement.

The new single is available to stream now on Spotify clocking in at 2 minutes and 33 seconds  the track blends of catchy choruses and strong verses to deliver a stand out show that lets everyone know Ellie Thomas has just begun to find her unique sound.

Spotify So High Link:

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