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He’s back with a slightly different review to the norm… find out below the Top Playstation 2 go-to from our friend Ash Gray of Venom Prison. Don’t forget to check out his Twitch channel for all the latest streams and the offical Venom Prison website where they have a bunch of cool merch.

Chaos Legion (2003) 

One of Capcom’s overlooked games but one of my childhood favourites, I spent hours grinding and replaying this game. Perfect element of hack n slash meets a hint of RPG. With Devil May Cry screaming with success, Chaos Legion sat behind it’s glory but with this in mind Capcom producing both Devil May Cry and Chaos Legion the formula was there and this game hit every note perfectly for me.

Gun Grave (2002)

Third person shooter, Gun Grave was an incredibly hidden gem on the PS2. This combo trigger happy onslaught of a game that was nothing short of amazing. A long-dead assassin sent back to earth to annihilate seemingly endless legions of merciless enemies. It’s a game about revenge and every second feels like a bloodthirsty killing spree. 

Fahrenheit (2005)

Action adventure game Fahrenheit belongs in the classic section in my opinion, this was the first Quantic Dream game I played, if you’re unaware they have produced Heavy Rain, Detroit and more. Thanks to Fahrenheit this started a spree of story based games from Quantic Dream. We already had Broken Sword but we can’t exactly say that is the same.
If you’re into this genre of games and haven’t played Fahrenheit be sure to try it out.

Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven (2003)

With two installments before Wrath Of Heaven and not to take anything away from them but this was the tweaked, refreshed and refined Tenchu we were all waiting for. Stealth based level designs with Souls like boss battles before Dark Souls existed… This is a forgotten game by many in my opinion but very respected by those who are aware. I believe Tenchu was the birth of many games.


The Suffering (2004)

Also released on the Xbox but still needs to be mentioned, blood, horror, survival. I remember picking this game up and instantly fell in love with this game. The third person shooter horror nailed that unique vibe and was refreshing at that period. “The game tells the story of Torque, a prisoner on death row for murdering his ex-wife and two children, a crime of which he claims to be innocent, saying he blacked out and cannot remember what happened.” If that hasn’t already caught your attention we’ll move onto the next. 

Dark Cloud (2001)

Was this Sony’s Zelda? Quite possibly, the action role playing might have been overlooked but didn’t take anything away from the quality this game produced. Time sensitive dungeon level based, plenty of grind and a true RPG. I’ve been meaning to revisit this for a long time now so eventually I will be replaying this after years of reminiscing.

ICO (2001)

I could have picked Shadow Of The Colossus, however ICO I played first and the nostalgia flows through me thinking about this game and how unique this game was even to this day. I remember playing it for the first time and feeling like I’ve never experienced anything as minimal yet beautiful and the story is incredibly written. As far as action adventure I really can’t think of many games that can top this game to this date. 

God Hand (2007)

Another action beat em up from Capcom, firstly let’s start off with this game is absolutely mental and probably not like many games you have seen before. I find it very rare people speaking about this game but I know it has a lot of fans. Just research this game and if you think you like it then get that playthrough in! 

Final Fantasy X (2002)

I could talk about Final Fantasy all day, it’s one of my favourite game series ever. This and Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) are certainly my favourites but looking back at Final Fantasy X, think about how evolved this game was and what a step up from Final Fantasy IX it gave us. Gameplay and story till true to the series but taking into consideration how well this game sat with every PS2 game in terms of graphics, gameplay quality and insane cinematics this was truly out of this world. 

Metal Gear Solid 3  – Snake Eater (2005)

It was either MGS 2 or 3 and honestly I have nothing against MGS2 in fact I think it’s amazing but if we are looking at which was MORE MGS and which felt more unique and developed, it was MGS3, the story beautifully written and linking the series so well, it’s hard not to pick MGS3. 

There we have it.. Do you have any memories of this titles? let us know in the coments some of your favourites and what you would like to see more of. Don’t forget you can get all the lastest updates over on our facebook page and other social media platforms.. Go take a look by clicking the tiles below.